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        1. Stamping
          • Stamping Process

            Hole Punching, Bulging, Stretching, Blanking, Cutting, Bending, Edge Rolling, Deburring, Flattening, Embossing, Lettering, Flaring, Binding Off etc.

          • Stamping Equipment

            300T Servo Stamping Machine

            200T Servo Stamping Machine

            160T Mechanical Stamping Machine

            110T Mechanical Stamping Machine

            300T hydraulic Stamping Machine

            160T hydraulic Stamping Machine

          • Engineering Service

            Process evaluation & analysis before product development - make DFM - quotation - design dies & jigs - produce dies & jigs - assemble dies & jigs - commission and repair dies & jigs - improve and perfect process and procedures - deal with emergency

          • Quality Control

            ● Selected Use of Precision Stamping Dies

            ● Stringent Process Data Management Mechanism

            ● Implementation of Process Control Standards as well as Control and Standards on Product Release and Inspection

            ● Comprehensive Employee Training System