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        1. CNC Machining
          • CNC Capability

            Milling, drilling, turning (contour turning, surface turning, taper turning, straight turning), internal forming, knurling, boring, reaming, tapping, thread milling, glazing

          • CNC Equipment

            ●200 CNC:

              a. Heavy-Duty cutting: 50 machines provided by Taichung and Mazac

              b. Standard cutting: 150 machines provided by BROTHER, FANUC and SMTCL

              c. Long size part machining: Special horizontal CNC machine for machining part in max. length 4m

            ●75 auxiliary machines:

              cutting machine, milling machine, punching machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, CNC lathe, wire-cutting machine, roll-bending machine, electric discharge machine, polishing machine

          • Engineering Service

            Formulate most optimized process according to product features;

            Design and make tooling & jigs according to product features which can fully guarantee product quality and facilitate staff operation;

            Select most reasonable tool according to product features.

          • Quality Control

            ● Stringent Process Data Management Mechanism

            ● Implementation of Continuously Refined and Improved Tooling Life Enhancement System

            ● Enhanced checklist on jigs, equipment, and measuring tools

            ● Implementation of Process Control Standards as well as Control and Standards on Product Release and Inspection

            ● Comprehensive employee training system