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        1. Surface Treatment
          • Surface Treatment Capability

            Guangdong Metal (VICTOR) Engineering and Technology Research Center

            Pre-treatmentWire-drawSand blastingLaser etchingGrinding

            Post-treatmentpaintinganodizing(hard anodizing), NMT,Etching, micro-arc oxidationelectrolytic coloringelectrophoresisduotone anodizingradient color

          • Surface Treatment Equipment

            Automatic anodizing lines×2 (95 troughs on each line)

            Automatic painting line×1

            Etching production line x1

            Dedicated line for R&D×1

            10 colors can be anodized concurrently

            Max Size Capability: 3.8m long by 1.1m wide

            Integrated DMS ensures trace ability

          • Engineering Service

            1.Formulate most optimized surface treatment process according to product features

            2.The anodizing parameters are set at optimal consistency in line with the product specifications and surface requirements.

            3.Dedicated hanging jigs are designed and tailor-made to meet individual product specifications.

          • Quality Control

            ● A full suite of control process comprising stringent data control mechanism, fully automated overhang crane system, and imported metric devices for in-line tank concentration analyzing and feeding, safeguards and guarantees our process consistency and product quality.

            ● Adoption of Equipment Maintenance Standards and Implementation of Continuously Refined and Improved Anodizing Equipment Maintenance System and Checklist

            ● Implementation of Process Control Standards as well as Control and Standards on Product Release and Inspection

            ● Comprehensive Employee Training System